January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Over the last 30 years, cervical cancer deaths have been reduced by more than 50%. Much of this success can be attributed to increased cervical cancer screening, the Pap test, and a better understanding of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and how it contributes to cervical cancer. Although we have much to be thankful for and proud of in our success in preventing cervical cancer, there are still 4,000 women who die every year from the disease.

Continued screening and education about cervical cancer are the keys to success in making sure zero women die of cervical cancer each year. But the screening guidelines can be confusing, especially when they change drastically or are not perfectly clear. How do you know what to tell your patients or which course of action is best for each age group?

NPWH has a number of resources geared toward providing clarity on cervical cancer screening guidelines and recommendations, as well as, helpful professional education resources, articles, and a cervical cancer screening toolkit.

Professional Education:

 Informational Resources: 

Together we can end cervical cancer forever!

Happy New Year

Last year was such an exciting year for us. The 18th Annual NPWH Premier Women’s Healthcare Conference in Salt Lake City, UT was an enormous success. In addition to our annual conference, we hosted our 2nd Annual Women’s Sexual Health Course for NPs in Orlando, FL, which was so popular that we had to close registration early. We also developed numerous cutting edge CE activities, including journal articles, newsletter series, and webinars.

In 2015, we updated the Well Woman Visit Mobile App to include cardiovascular health recommendations and the latest CDC STD guidelines. The launch of our new continuing education portal and revamped website have made it easier to take courses and access NPWH resources. We worked with Healthy Women to develop a cervical cancer screening toolkit, which you can pre-order now. NPWH teamed up with Bedsider to deliver grants to 6 clinical sites to help improve contraceptive use and understanding in their practice. The Bedsider projects will conclude in 2016.

Additionally, a number of the NPWH Board members were recognized as outstanding WHNP professors. NPWH’s CEO, Gay Johnson, published an article in the Nurse Practitioner Perspectives journal on the attitudes and sentiments of patients and providers toward cervical cancer screening. Susan Rawlins (Director of Education) and Susan Kendig (Director of Policy) were interviewed about the women’s health nurse practitioner (WHNP) specialty for an article in Advance Healthcare Network for NPs & PAs.

We hope that 2015 was just as positive and productive for you as it was for us. We are looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

Thank you for your continued support of NPWH and the future of women’s health care.