January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Over the last 30 years, cervical cancer deaths have been reduced by more than 50%. Much of this success can be attributed to increased cervical cancer screening, the Pap test, and a better understanding of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and how it contributes to cervical cancer. Although we have much to be thankful for and proud of in our success in preventing cervical cancer, there are still 4,000 women who die every year from the disease.

Continued screening and education about cervical cancer are the keys to success in making sure zero women die of cervical cancer each year. But the screening guidelines can be confusing, especially when they change drastically or are not perfectly clear. How do you know what to tell your patients or which course of action is best for each age group?

NPWH has a number of resources geared toward providing clarity on cervical cancer screening guidelines and recommendations, as well as, helpful professional education resources, articles, and a cervical cancer screening toolkit.

Professional Education:

 Informational Resources: 

Together we can end cervical cancer forever!